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Chin-Chin Wallet - Cow (Brown)

Chin-Chin Wallet - Cow (Brown)

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These colorful fabric wallets are each uniquely designed to represent individuals. Each wallet contains a playful secret message by the artist on an acrylic keychain related to gender, inviting viewers to explore the complexities and nuances of sexuality in a playful and engaging way. Messages are selected at random and will be in either English or Japanese.

The series delves into the intersection of humor and sexuality with the aim of creating a space that transcends gender biases. By exploring the ways in which gender stereotypes can restrict our understanding of each other, this challenges preconceived notions and offers a fresh perspective on societal burdens. 

Wallets are framed in a small fibreboard frame in white. Larger frames can accommodate if you acquire 2 wallets of your choice. Contact us for customization and pricing @

Limited run. Comes with certificate of authenticity. 

Medium: Felt on stencil, cotton, zipper
Dimensions: 135mm x 200mm

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