A Provocative Encounter with Human Connection and Identity

Be a part of an immersive performance-installation art exhibition like never before. Uniquely held in a HDB residence featuring British artist Karolina Prom with Wei of Very Small Exhibition. The exhibition experience explores deep into the intricate tapestry of human relationships, intimacy, and the ever-evolving concept of identity.

Limited run from 13 - 22 Oct 2023. Click on button below to view some of the work in the catalog below. Enquire about available art work or commission a project with us via the contact page or on Instagram @houseofvse.

Meet the Artists

Karolina Prom

Meet provocative British performance artist Karolina Prom. Her artistic focus revolves primarily around the human form in its most unadulterated state, challenging and merging the boundaries between art and social experimentation. Frequently presenting herself in a state of undress within her creations, Prom pushes boundaries of conventional art as she explores the complexities of intimacy, vulnerability, and serendipity. 

Originating from a background in fine arts, photography and film, she reimagines how photography can transcend into reality while transforming the audience from passive observers into active participants. Her art transcends the passive observer, inviting active engagement in the intriguing realm she crafts. Prom's art has graced international exhibitions across the UK, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, and soon, Singapore with House of VSE.

Lee Wei Lieh

Principal Artist, curator and co-founder of House of VSE (short for Very Small Exhibition), Wei is best known for his public light art interventions. 

Very Small Exhibition started as an experimental exhibition / installation / project space in 2013, with the intention to give designers/artists a platform to experiment / showcase their work and hopefully bring a smile, curiosity or even wtf-ness to anyone walking past the work. After losing the project space in 2015, Very Small Exhibition has been run solely by Singaporean artist Wei, known for his Very Momentary Exhibition work in Singapore. He has collaborated on projects for Singapore Night Festivals, i Light Singapore, Singapore Grand Prix, and other projects in Singapore, Prague and New York.
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Welcome to the House of VSE. We believe that art can live outside the confines of four walls into the unexpected, and can be appreciated beyond the usual confines of a paint canvas. We aim to bring the magic of light, humour, and unconventional artistry to transform any space. Outside of commission work with our collective of artists both local and international, we present our own narrative across the year. Contact us to leverage on art to transform your space, or to collect art beyond the ordinary.


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