Yui Ozaki

Prague-based Japanese artist. Yui Ozaki, is known for her playful yet provocative intermedia art that is oft comedic but informs of gender stereotypes that exist across cultures. Most recently, Yui Ozaki from Japan was wildly received for her very first solo exhibition in Singapore.

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Meet provocative British performance artist Karolina Prom. Her artistic focus revolves primarily around the human form in its most unadulterated state, challenging and merging the boundaries between art and social experimentation. Frequently presenting herself in a state of undress within her creations, Prom pushes boundaries of conventional art as she explores the complexities of intimacy, vulnerability, and serendipity.  

Originating from a background in fine arts, photography and film, she reimagines how photography can transcend into reality while transforming the audience from passive observers into active participants. Her art transcends the passive observer, inviting active engagement in the intriguing realm she crafts. Prom's art has graced international exhibitions across the UK, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, and Singapore with House of VSE.