• My art is an expression of my playful and curious personality. I love to explore gender, sexuality, and comedy through kitschy, colorful, and sweet visuals that hold hidden meanings. By experimenting with various mediums, I’m able to express my artistic vision and challenge societal norms in the art world.

  • Humor is my superpower, and I wield it to raise awareness about gender stereotypes and break down barriers to create
    a timeless feeling of uninhibited glee that appeals to audiences of all ages. My art serves as a commentary on society’s social taboos, inspiring others to let go of their inhibitions and embrace their inner playfulness. Through my work, I strive to spark meaningful conversations and encourage viewers to question the status quo.

Chin-Chin Hats

Hats, typically worn for protection, take on a new meaning when placed on the head in this series, representing the pressure and power that society places on men.

Cloud – Archangel Michael
Midnight – Lucifer as the morning star

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Hello Mr.

Often viewed as a symbol of masculinity and power, the penis is represented in various sizes and perspectives, highlighting its metaphorical significance beyond its physical anatomy.

While conversations surrounding gender equality typically center on women's experiences, this installation also sheds light on the societal pressures and expectations placed on men. Through the use of soft fabric and cotton, the sculpture subverts the traditional association of the penis with toughness and aggression, revealing a softer, more empathetic side.

“Hello Mr” invites viewers to question their preconceived notions of gender and encourages a more nuanced understanding of the complexities of masculinity and femininity.

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Raining Chin-Chin

The art installation delves into the intersection of humor and sexuality with the aim of creating a space that transcends gender biases. By exploring the ways in which gender stereotypes can restrict our understanding of each other, this installation challenges preconceived notions and offers a fresh perspective on societal burdens. The centerpiece of the installation is a collection of colorful fabric penis wallets, each uniquely designed to represent individuals. These wallets contain secret messages related to gender, inviting viewers to explore the complexities and nuances of sexuality in a playful and engaging way.

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Dancing Chin-Chin

While some people love the male genitalia, the artists feels that the penis often gets a raw deal. She wanted to celebrate the penis and highlight its importance, rather than just focusing on its sexual connotations.

That's why she created a project that showcases the beauty of the penis, without objectifying it. The artwork is intended to be hung up in your room, creating a decorative and colorful atmosphere. She hopes that this will bring you happiness and appreciation for the penis in a new light.

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